Accounting Services for Family-Owned Businesses

Family Business AccountingStarting your own business can be difficult. The responsibility of maintaining it and passing it onto new ownership is just as challenging.

At Accounting Freedom, we specialize in working with businesses that are family-owned.  We work together with all types of family businesses including sole proprietors, corporations and partnerships. With our Family Business Accounting Services, we will provide you with the expertise to advise you in any situation.

Family-owned businesses are undeniably facing special financial challenges. For example, the ownership portion of a business generally represents most of an owner’s or family’s capital. Therefore, both personal planning and business planning become crucial.  Additional complications arise regarding the financial aspect when the owner/s are in the process of exiting or transitioning the business.

At CPA firm Accounting Freedom, we work with clients that include family businesses operating in a variety of industries locally as well as regionally. Not to mention, for over 35 years, we have been helping the owners and their families maximize their wealth potential.

Serving Family Businesses throughout Mundelein IL, Grafton WI, and the Surrounding Areas

Our Family Business Accounting services include:

The Accounting Freedom Difference

Our company is especially fit to help you because we are a privately-owned family business ourselves. We know first-hand the challenges you encounter and the potential to maximize your financial opportunities. We will help in supporting you, your family and business.

When hiring us for your family business accounting needs, you will receive:

  • A Team of Accountants (CPAs and EAs)
  • Expertise on the basis of our extensive experience, planning in detail, and quality control of our work
  • Responsiveness and support from each member of our entire staff. We are responsible for your full satisfaction.
  • Our notably well-trained and driven experts who concentrate on the financial implications of each business transaction. Each one of us dedicates to applying our knowledge of taxes and accounting accordingly

Family Business Accounting Services Complimentary Consultation

We will help you manage opportunities and challenges that come with owning a business. We understand that developing and building a partnership with an tax accounting firm demands a level of trust that has to be earned with time. Contact us, and let us explain how we can help you build your family-owned business in the Chicago, IL or Milwaukee, WI area.

Mundelein, IL (Chicago Office): 847-949-8373
Grafton, WI (Milwaukee Office): 262-375-2440