Retirement Plans & Wealth Management

small business retirement plansThrough Accounting Freedom’s partnership with Wealth Management, LLC, A Registered Investment Advisor,  we are pleased to offer small business Retirement Plans and Wealth Management services. As a client, you will receive Customized & Goal-Based Solutions to help you build continuing wealth.

Without a doubt, we all know that getting older is inevitable. Question is, why do so many delay preparing for a better financial future? Oftentimes, when we say “at a better time” it never actually comes to fruition. With this in mind, there is no good reason to hold on your planning – the time is now!

The solution to building wealth that lasts a lifetime is by strategic preparation and planning with expert financial advisors.  Our small business retirement plans and wealth management services allow us to offer clients highly personalized solutions.

Our team of financial experts can help each of our clients in achieving their financial goals. Following the initial consultation and analysis, our team of professionals will immediately determine the proper course of action to achieve financial success.

The Accounting Freedom Approach

We are committed to helping our clients sustain a great financial life presently while also achieving future goals. We achieve this as a result of our unique proactive approach, addressing important key areas.

 Wealth Management

Facing obstacles in managing our finances is a part of our every day lives.  From debt, inflation, fluctuating interest rates, and the ever-changing stock market swings – these challenges can be troubling. It is common for many to hold off on preparing for their financial future, thinking that “a better time” will eventually come. Sadly, a better time generally never comes or it arrives too late.

Let us help you in achieving your financial goals! We will provide you with the guidance to:

  • Save Accurately for Retirement
  • Produce Retirement Income
  • Assist in Developing Strategies to Protect your Financial Future
  • Offer Advice that is Personalized, Unique to your Goals

Investment Philosophy

To have a better investment experience, people should focus on the things they can control.  It starts with an advisor creating an investment plan based on market principals, informed by financial science, and tailored to a client’s specific needs and goals.  Our approach focuses on the following philosophy:

  • Markets are an ally, not an adversary
  • Low-Cost Investments
  • Principled Long-Term Perspective
  • Investors need navigators
  • Broad Diversification and Risk Protection

Personal Financial Advisory

By working with Accounting Freedom, you have an advantage from our one-of-a-kind perspective through our many areas of specialty. This includes retirement planning, wealth management, bookkeeping services and all accounting services. We can pinpoint opportunities that other financial advisors may miss. You will also be collaborating with personal advisors who provide a hands-on approach to helping you. We will be in contact with you throughout the year, not just for an annual review.

Get in touch with our CPA firm today to learn more about how we can help you live the life you want to live now while building lasting wealth.

Investments provided through Wealth Management LLC, a Nebraska LLC, Registered Investment Advisor. This information is not intended for use without professional advice.